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The company SKALA-Medica is a Czech company engaged in the development, manufacture and servicing of medical devices. Our business is focused on the area of ​​support for the domestic market, especially on foreign markets, where we have built a strong business ties particularly in the areas of Germany, Slovakia and Turkey.

Our activities

In the field of medical devices are involved since 1984, when Ing. Miroslav Skala participated in the national task of developing an artificial kidney. The result of development has become a new concept of an artificial kidney called CHIRASKAL that unlike existing techniques address beyond removal of blood contamination of the patient and the unit dealing with imperfect hot and dry sterilization (The deal has been granted a patent). CHIRASKAL was behind the new concept and potential benefits for health honored at the International Exhibition by gold medal.

Based on this experience, Mr. Ing. Miroslav Skala from the development, production and trade with medical devices in 2002 founded the company SKALA-Medica. We are a strong family company engaged in the development, production and servicing of medical devices. All our products meet the strictest criteria in terms of testing and certification of medical devices according to the applicable EU directives. The result of our work is always going for perfection, thoroughness and precision in every slightest detail. These values ​​are applied for each of our product, which leave the our workplaces under the name of our company in the market. In the HIPEC HITHOC and thus the development of our equipment involved eg. As well as the world leader in the treatment of cancers such as prof. Paul H. Sugarbaker MD, FACS, FRCS, founder methods HIPEC, just as our leading experts on HIPEC and HITOC or experts from Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, France, Australia, etc. In our hospitals we work mainly with: Hospital Bulovka , VFN Praha, TN Prague and University Hospital. Slovak Republic is a Nou Bratislava, Zilina University Hospital, hospitals in Poprad.

The world's first're at our dialysis and lavage devices eliminate the risk of contamination of patients the by device. Our newly developed devices that provide reliable operation while avoiding the direct transmission of dangerous and aggressive blood infections, not only hepatitis A, B, C, nonB, nonce, etc., As well as HIV / AIDS or other infections not transmitted by blood. Any new discovery in the areas of development and production of medical devices, for us becoming more incessant challenge ...
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