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Skala LA 1-2

Development > Lavage apparatus
SKALA LA-1 to conduct intraoperative hyperthermal  cytostatic lavage in the surgical treatment of cancers in the peritoneal  cavity.

SKALA LA-1 devices HIPEC
Lavage  device ensures a sterile recirculation solution desired flow rate,  temperature of the circulated solution in the abdominal cavity at around  43°C, and filtration solution from blood clots. Other small particles  of fat and other tissues. Safety is ensured by monitoring the individual  parameters using independent measuring systems, such as blood leakage  detector, multiple pressure measurements, multiple measurements of  temperatures like.

SKALA LA-1 + consumables
Special  sterile lavage sets are hermetically interconnected to ensure using the  recirculation of the cytostatic solution from the device to the patient  and back. Compared with foreign unit occurs in this model during  surgery to conserve supplies of around 370 to 560 EUR, depending on  the complexity of the surgery. Currently, the production of this device  is terminated. The unit will be replaced by a new, unique device SKALA LA-5.

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