…was founded in 1990. Since that time we have recevied 19 patents in development of medical devices. Especially in development of infusion pumps and dialyzing agents. In late 1990s, SKALA was the first company in Europe to develop and manufacture a unique device designed to treat malignancies by heating and flushing with hot cytostatics agents in a closed system. The techniques are known as HIPEC or HITHOC. To date, our technicians have performed over 400 successful interventions directly at the operationg rooms and thus helped to extend the life of the same number of patients. We continue our activities. SKALA is a dynamic development company. We are currently working on the development of a highly effective system designed to treat aggresive cancer in the peritoneum and lung areas.

The reliability of our products is proven by a simple fact: The infusion pumps supplied in 1994 are still used in full operation process and have undergone successful revisions even 25 years after their first use..

You can rely on team we create with you..

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